Rift Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

PRODUCT TYPE Wine Brand Line: Castel winery – Rift Valley Cabernet SauvignonCastel Winery5 Vineyard: Ziway, Ethiopia Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon variety grapes imported from Bordeaux and grown in Ziway Vineyard Farming Method: Organic Farming and sustainable Agriculture Method The rift Valley wines are the fruits of a vineyard in the midst of the rift valley volcanoes, which is also home to the picturesque Lake Ziway. The unique character and exceptional taste of the wines are a testament to the terroir. VINIFICATION Maceration: Cold Skin Maceration Fermentation: In stainless steel tank with thermo regulated temperature Ageing: Stainless steel tanks Color: Red PACKAGING Bottle: 75 cl Vintage with screw cap Carton: 6 bottles TASTING NOTES Color and bouquet: Brilliant deep red color, intense aromas of green pepper and mixed spies with a supple and well-rounded body. Serving suggestion: Aged cheese, Ethiopian tartare Kitfo, raw meat, and lamb tibs. Serving temperature: Room temperature