Rift Valley – Chardonnay

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Rift Valley Chardonnay


Wine Brand Line: Castel winery – Rift Valley ChardonnayCastel Winery4

Vineyard: Ziway, Ethiopia

Grapes: Chardonnay variety grapes imported from Bordeaux and grown in Ziway

Vineyard Farming Method: Organic Farming and Sustainable Agriculture Method

The rift Valley wines are the fruits of a vineyard in the midst of the rift valley volcanoes, which is also home to the picturesque Lake Ziway. The unique character and exceptional test of the wines are a testament to the terroir.


Harvest: Picking and sorting manually

Maceration: Cold Skin Maceration

Fermentation: In stainless steel tank with thermo regulated temperature

Ageing: Stainless steel tanks

Color: White


Bottle: 75 cl Vintage with screw cap

Carton: 6 bottle


Color and bouquet: White wine with a touch of golden color. Flavors of peach and apricot. Crisp and refreshing with dominant aromas of honey.

Serving suggestion: As an aperitif with seafood, cheese and Ethiopian Assa tibs and local fish dishes.

Serving temperature: Chilled to 10 Degrees of Celsius


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