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About us
Lalibela UK Ltd. has 12 years experience as a distributor of fine Ethiopian beverages. Our operations have rapidly expanded and our premium beers are now being enjoyed in a variety of locations throughout the UK as well as several main European cities, as the enchanting character of the lagers is discovered!

Ethiopia has a long brewing tradition and this, coupled with an ideal climate for growing aromatic hops and producing the finest malts, has resulted in two truly outstanding beers: sample the rich and fruity St. George or the crisp, golden Castel - both produced to strict quality control standards within an ultra-modern plant.

But with the Lalibela range of beers there are even more reasons to feel good!
All of the farmers involved in growing the raw materials are paid well and workers at the brewery receive fair rates of pay and excellent medical care that will enable them and their families to flourish and build a better future.
Lalibela UK Ltd. is proud to supply these ethically-produced, quality beers and our fast, efficient delivery service means that St. George and Castel are now widely available to beer connoisseurs around Europe!

And we are delighted to announce some new arrivals shortly to be added to our stock of quality Ethiopian beverages - in the form of the fabulous Rift Valley Wine range!

Please Drink Responsibly